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The News Report Yesterday on the Birth of a `-SON!~'


With “Half a Yard” to go, “Where’s” the RUN? “Where’s” the Quarterback Sneak!~’ The Most Inconceivable “PLAY” in the “WORLD” by the Seattle Seahawks!~’ What “GUIDED” THERE “MINDS” in “MAKING” that “DECISION” for a “Play”!~’ Good ‘OLD “-KARMA-” (-KISMET-)!!!!!~’ For What the Seattle Seahawks had done to the San Francisco 49’ers with Richard Sherman in the “End Zone”!~’ This was “PAYBACK” in none other than the “Super Bowl” carrying the VERY SAME “NAME” of the “NUMBER” “#49”!~’ Where’s the “LOCATION” for the Super Bowl of Next Year – Santa Clara/San Francisco!~’ Richard Sherman’s Stanford University is “WHERE”? “HEADS-UP” - The Numerology of “Pendulum Flow” PIVOTS around three “CARDINAL” NUMBERS - the “NUMBER” `-23, the “NUMBER” `-32; and, the “NUMBER” `-13!~’ Malcolm Butler’s Jersey is the “NUMBER” `-21!~’ This “NUMBER” plus Richard Sherman’s “NUMBER” of `-25 = `-46; which WHEN “Laid Out”, is the Number `-23 x 2!~ (232) = RECIPROCAL-Sequenced-Numerology!~’ I believe the “END” of this “GAME” had a “HIGHER” –HEAVENLY- “CALLING”; which is FROM; “The Real Prophet Of Doom (Kismet) – Introduction – Pendulum Flow ( Www.TheRealProphetOfDoom.Com )!!!!!~’ Mr. Dwayne W. Anderson!!!!!~’

P.S.: New England’s second drive began at its own `-32; and, the Patriots used a `-13-play, 7:41 drive to go down the field; but, Brady threw a shaky pass under some pressure; and, Lane picked it off, returning it to the `-14-yard line!!!!!~’ 7:41 = `-14-yard line!~’ (`-41 = RECIPROCAL = `-14)!!!!!~’ There were nearly `-32 seconds left in the game for when the New England Patriot’s Malcolm Butler intercepted Russell Wilson’s “PASS”!~’ From: The “PROPHET”!!!!!~’ Dwayne W. Anderson!!!!!~’

The last Super Bowl played in California was Super Bowl XIX in `-1985 at Stanford Stadium!~’ `-8 (+) `-5 = `-13!!!!!~’ The 49ers defeated the Dolphins 38 to 16!~’ A near `-23 point spread!!!!!~’ What will it be in Super Bowl 50!!!!!~’ From: The “PROPHET”!!!!!~’ Dwayne W. Anderson!!!!!~’

Again, Richard Sherman’s Jersey Number `-25!!!!!~ His son was born on `-HIS –NUMBER- `-25 (2.5.2015)!!!!!~’ Of `-2015!!!!!~' The “PROPHET”!!!!!~’ Dwayne W. Anderson!!!!!~

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