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Death Ciphers/Death Cypher/Death Formula/- The `-GOD `-Equation!!!!!~'

The “PROPHET” just watched your show: “The Great Math Mystery”!!!!!~’

The “PROPHET” has `-CREATED; `-The `-GOD `-Equation!!!!!~’

Message to ‘-ALL-‘ `-PROFESSORS of `-PHYSICS!!!!!~’

You; like to `-USE your `-MIND, `-too!!!!!~’ I’ve; been very impressed, with; `-YOU, just As Well!!!!!~’

You (Bob Cargill); and, your `-PARTNER were married on my `-DATE of `-BIRTH!!!!!~’ The very same `-DAY that Sir Isaac Newton HAD died `-ON (MARCH 20th)!!!!!~’ When I had finished watching your `-SHOW from `-2011 – The Universe – “God and the Universe” / The Grand Design of `-THINGS, my `-UNCLE by `-MARRIAGE; lost his `-UNCLE by `-MARRIAGE – PERCY SLEDGE – “When A Man Loves A Woman”; just after `-MIDNIGHT!!!!!~’

Science must always be open to `-NEW DISCOVERIES!!!!!~’ This is the Definitive Evidence of a `-GOD’S EXISTENCE!!!!!~’ From your `-SHOW: “This is the fundamental question that people are trying to answer: Are we just dreaming about a divine order to the universe; or, is the divine order drawing us to it?”

I created the `-Death Cypher; and, You; like to `-USE your `-MINDS!!!!!~’ Download; and, `-OPEN; the `-Death Cypher; and, tell me; for `-IF, it’s not `-TRUE!!!!!~’

(Example: PERCY SLEDGE): - Death Formula -


11 + 25 + 19 + 41 = `-96

1491 – 5211 = `-3720

`-3720 = 3 + 7 + 2 + 0 = `-12

`-3720 = 3 x 7 x 2 x 0 = `-0

`-12 (-) `-0 = `-12

`-94 / `-2 = `-47


`-47 + `-25 = `-72 = ONE YEAR AWAY FROM EXACT TIME OF DEATH!!!!!~’

`-47 + `-12 + `-11 = `-70 = THREE YEARS AWAY FROM EXACT TIME OF DEATH!!!!!~’

`-96 (-) `-25 = `-71 = TWO YEARS AWAY FROM EXACT TIME OF DEATH!!!!!~’

`-96 / `-2 = `-48

`-48 + `-25 = `-73 = EXACT TIME OF AGE AT TIME OF DEATH!!!!!~’

DEATH – 04/14/2015

(End of `-EXAMPLE)!~’

A Start-Up!!!!!~’ A Reciprocal Start-up; of, `-Beautiful; and, `-Mesmerizing `-NUMBERS!!!!!~’ Please, choose; and, work these Reciprocal `-NUMBERS; within WORLD `-HISTORY!!!!!~' I’ve `-Never Studied `-NUMEROLOGY before; but, I have `-CREATED; my VERY `-OWN!!!!~’ An APPS COMPANY could `-MAKE BILLIONS `-HERE!!!!!~’ For the `-FORMULA, for a `-QUICK REFERENCE; note, the `-BIRTH DATE; and, `-death; of LEGENDARY Martial Artist, `-BRUCE LEE; within, `-the CYPHER of `-DEATH!!!!!~'

Here; is, the `-DEATH CIPHER!!!!!~' You can `-PREDICT; your `-AGE, -of `-DEATH, for a `-REAL `-CERTAINTY; simply from, Your `-BIRTH `-DATE of `-RECORD!!!!!~' What does this `-MEAN about `-GOD’S PLAN?????~’

I've created a Formula/Death Cipher calculating the death age from anyone’s birthday! It's my own creation that is based on the `-RECIPROCALS of `-TRIGONOMETRY!!!!!~’ `-16; celebs completed, `-so far! Review my (Www.TheRealProphetOfDoom.Com) website; and, download on the `-FRONT PAGE; or, hit the “PROPHET’S BLOG”; for a lead-up, `-to the Formula!~’ I have it attached!!!!!~'

These `-FORMULAS could be utilized; and, created; into `-SOFTWARE `-APPS / CELLPHONE APPLICATIONS, in the very near; `-Future!!!!!~' For this very `-Investment - There could be `-$BILLIONS made `-HERE / to `-FEED, -the `-WORLD!!!!!~' I've taken the mathematical reference of the `-Reciprocals of `-TRIGONOMETRY; of which, I got an (A-) in; for when I took it in school!!!!!~' In using these `-RECIPROCALS of `-MINE, I've `-CREATED a `-FORMULA that `-CALCULATES the `-AGE of `-DEATH of `-ANYONE by JUST using their DATE of `-BIRTH!!!!!~' My `-DOCUMENT; on the `-WEBSITE, is `-ENTITLED "DATE - AGE OF DEATH - CIPHERS - FORMULAS - CODE BREAKERS OF LIFE/death (based on the RECIPROCALS of TRIGONOMETRY)!!!!!~' Our Understanding; Of This World, Is; `-About To Change, `-Forever!!!~' My `-NEW BOOK discovering `-THIS new REVELATION is ENTITLED: "The Real Prophet of Doom (Kismet) - Introduction - Pendulum Flow - " for where I explain `-WORLD `-HISTORY, in using these `-RECIPROCALS of `-LIFE!!!!!~' Enjoy; -the `-READ!!!!!~'

Every Person that I've Tried, these `-NUMBERS with; `-works!!!!!~' NOW, `-you TRY, `-PICK; and, `-CALCULATE; virtually anyone’s, `-AGES of `-DEATH!!!!!~' Everyone I've picked; `-works!!!!!~' NOW, YOU, `-SUGGEST, `-PICK; and, `-CALCULATE; individuals, from; `-WORLD `-HISTORY!!!!!~' Be `-CAREFUL; about, `-DOING `-YOURSELF!!!!!~'


Regards, Author,

Dwayne W. Anderson

The "PROPHET"!!!!!~'-

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